Altinbas - Abdyl Frashëri - I & A International
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Altinbas – Abdyl Frashëri

Altinbas Albania was founded in 2008, the “Abdyl Frashëri” store was opened in 2019. The boutique is located in one of the most frequented parts of Tirana and is furnished according to the concept of her mother branch stores in Turkey Istanbul.


Address: Abdyl Frashëri (Libri Universitar), Tirana, Albania


Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours

Monday 9AM– 9:0PM

Tuesday 9AM– 9:0PM

Wednesday 9AM– 9:0PM

Thursday 9AM– 9:0PM

Friday 9AM– 9:0PM

Saturday 9AM– 9:0PM

Sunday 9AM– 9:0PM