About us - I & A International
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About us

Company Profile

Nomination of unit and intended business

The nomination of the unit will be “I&A International “Fine Jewelry”. The unit will deal in retail quality and modern sale of diamond, gold, jewelry and watches.

I&A International Fine Jewelry & Watches is a nationally renowned company, established in 1991. It originally started with jewelry and gold pieces and since 1991 it expanded in the watches industry.


Company Information

I&A International deals in retail quality and modern sale of diamond, gold as well as watches. The first boutique, located in “Zogu i Pare” Boulevard was opened in 1998. After its success, I&A International expanded by opening two more boutiques in two of the biggest shopping malls in Tirana, “Qendra Tregtare Univers” (Universal Trade Center) and “City Park”.  Soon after, three more boutiques were opened in the city’s biggest shopping mall, “Tirana East Gate”. In 2015, I&A International became the official distributor of PANDORA in Albania. Currently, it has two PANDORA stores, one in “Tirana East Gate” shopping mall and another one in “Myslym Shyri”,a famous shopping area in Tirana. I&A will soon expand to other cities in Albania, such as Durres and Vlora.

I&A International opened its biggest boutique in March 2017, in the newest shopping mall “Toptani”, located 200m away from the capital’s center. It is the biggest luxury jewelry boutique in Albania designed and furnished by Italian designer Mr Paolo Susini. It only trades high-end brands of jewelry, diamonds, watches and accessories.

The company also deals with the wholesale market of gold, silver, and watches. It is the leading company in the wholesale trading business covering over 70% of the market in Albania. The company sells finished products in specific locations as well as in wholesale. The products are imported from different countries all over the world like Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. After 26 years of hard work and dedication, I&A International has proudly become the biggest luxury jewelry company in Albania.

The founder of I&A International is Mr. Artan Çaushi. He is the sole owner of the company and runs the business in close cooperation with his staff. Mr. Caushi attributes the success and progress of his business to 28 years of personal experience in the jewelry industry. He opened his boutiques in a time of political turmoil in Albania, with the goal of creating economic prosperity and fueling development.

Employees are at the core of what we do. I&A International is supported by a staff of 65 trained employees either University graduates or graduating. All of the staff members speak fluently at least one foreign language. Most of the salesman are certified Pandora employees and have received professional training from PANDORA.

In the jewelry industry, I&A International has exclusive selling rights in Albania for major brands such as Anna Maria Cammilli, Fope, Mirco Visconti, Ititoli. In the watches industry, the company has exclusive rights for Eberhard & Co, Louis Erard, Bomberg, Eterna, and Wainer. Whereas for luxury pens and accessories, I&A International has exclusive rights for Caran D’Ache and Montegrappa. The franchises of the company are Roberto Bravo, Altinbas, Gelosia, PANDORA and Roche Bianca.

Our main priority is and will always be the customer. We put a lot of effort into making sure we are not delivering just a product but an experience.