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Bomberg “Albanian Eagle”

Bomberg “Albanian Eagle” is the first Swiss Made watch crafted exclusively to honor and celebrate Albania’s 105th independence anniversary. Inspired by Albania’s flag and rich historical culture, this limited-edition of only 25 watches truly captures the essence and pride of the Albanian resistance and bravery against the Ottoman Empire. “Albanian Eagle”, with its bold red and black colors, effortlessly combines ancient history and modern design. The bold colors and the majestic eagle at the center of the watch are a time capsule of Albania’s war legacy. Albania was under the Ottoman Empire rule for five centuries marking one of the longest invasions in the history of Europe. This watch marks the intellectual and physical liberation of a great country. “Albanian Eagle” is both tasteful and functional with an analog dial type and features such as date, day, hour, minute, second. It is an overall manifestation of elegance, historical enrichment and exquisite taste.